Exercise Diary

Week Ended: 9th- 15th of September

Monday: Basketball (PE)

Tuesday: Athletics 1 hour


Thursday: Basketball (SC)



Sunday: Jogging 35 mins (4 miles) (Ladies mini marathon in Cork)

Comment: I’ll try to fill up Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.


Monday: Cycle 30 mins Boxing 2 hour

Tuesday: Cycle 30 mins

Wednesday: Cycle 30 mins Boxing 2 hour

Thursday: Cycle 30 mins

Friday: Cycly 30 mins Boxing 2 hour

Saturday: Walk 20 mins


Comment: A bit more excercise at the weekend is a good idea

Week Ended:22/09/13

Monday:120 minutes hurling

Tuesday:30 minutes cycling

Wednesday:60 minutes football & 70 minutes P.E.

Thursday:60 mins rugby & 60 mins hurling

Friday:90 minutes rugby


Sunday:90 minutes rugby

Comment:I cycled to and from school on Monday through to Friday

Naoise Keane’s Exercise Diary

Week Ended:

Monday: i played camogie for 20 mins

Tuesday: i went to camogie training for30 mins

Wednesday: i played tennis for 10 mins

Thursday: i played tennis for an hour

Friday: i went horse riding for 20 mins

Saturday: i went horse riding for 30 mins

Sunday: i played camogie for an hour

Comment: i felt good after my excercise:]