Class of 2014, welcome to your exercise diary!


27/10/13 EmmaMcCamley

Monday:walked for a few hours around a park

Tuesday:walked for few hours

Wednesday:walked around a park for a few hours

Thursday:walked for a few hours

Friday:walked around a park for a few hours



Comment:I exercised 5 days this week.

Week Ended: 23/11/13

Monday: PE 1 hr (approx)+ walk 40 mins

Tuesday: Athletics 1 hr + walking 40 mins

Wednesday: Tennis 1 hr 30 mins + walking 40 mins

Thursday: Exercises for SC 1 hr approx. + walk 40 mins

Friday: Tennis 1 hr + walking 20 mins 


Saturday: Tennis 2 hrs + walking 30 mins

Sunday: Tennis 1hr

Comment: I exercised every day this week I will try get longer times. 😉